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Oysters on the Half Shell MP

Selection changes regularly

Mac & Cheese Croquettes 6
Elbow macaroni, Cabot cheddar, kimchee purée

Short Rib Pierogies 10
Horseradish crème fraiche

Sweet Pea & Truffle Dumplings 9
Ginger-soy broth, scallion

Buffalo Fried Cheese Curds 8
Frank’s Red Hot, blue cheese dressing, scallion

Chilled Watermelon & Feta 6
Mint, basil, red wine vinaigrette

Crispy Deviled Eggs 6
Truffle mousse


Add Steak, Shrimp or Chicken to any Salad 6

Mixed Greens 10
Strawberries, goat cheese, crispy pancetta, mint, smoked almonds, red onion, lemon vinaigrette

Taco 10
Roasted corn, avocado, cotija, pickled jalapeños, pinto & kidney beans, shredded romaine & iceberg, tortilla strips, pico de gallo, cayenne lime vinaigrette

Fried Green Tomatoes 10
Arugula & cherry tomato salad, ranch dressing

Thai Chicken Salad 12
Pulled chicken, shredded romaine, napa cabbage, english cucumber, shredded carrot, crushed cashews, spicy peanut dressing


Served with hand-cut Kennebec shoestring fries

BBQ Pulled Pork 11
Chipotle apple slaw, snowflake roll

Fried Chicken 14
Double fried chicken breast, bacon onion marmalade, fried egg, sriracha aioli, onion poppy seed brioche

The Industry Burger 9

1/4lb short rib/brisket blend, red onion, Cabot cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickle mayo, potato roll
- Double 12, Triple 14.5
- Add Neuske’s crispy slab bacon 2.5
- Add fried egg 2

Seafood BLT MP
Neuske’s crispy slab bacon, lettuce, tomato, ciabatta. Changes often, ask for today’s selection.

Falafel 10
Shredded cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, tahini yogurt, pita


Cheese Plate 15
Goat, cow, sheep, honey, seasonal fruit, marmalade, baguette

Tartare 11

Diced filet, preserved lemon, capers, shaved parmesan, egg yolk, salty chips

Sunday Gravy 14
Short rib, pork belly, meatballs, pomodoro sauce, baguette, parmesan

The General’s Wings 12
1lb jumbo chicken wings, General Tso’s sauce

P.E.I. Mussels 13.5

PBR, lemon, garlic, shallot, toast points

Tuna Tartare 12
Avocado, sesame lime vinaigrette, citrus aioli drizzle,crispy wonton chips


Steak Frites 19
Hanger, bordelaise, shoestring fries

Roast Chicken Breast 20
Smashed purple potatoes, haricots verts, lemon verbena chimichurri

Coriander Crusted Tuna 22
Chilled soba noodles, corn, asparagus, snap peas & cherry tomatoes, blood orange saffron reducti

Fish & Chips 16
Beer-battered cod, tartar sauce, shoestring fries

Center Cut Pork Chop 22
Charred shishito peppers, nectarine salsa

Tandoori Seitan 12
Coconut orange jasmine rice, grilled pita


Kennebec Shoestring Fries 4, Veg of the Day MP, Cucumber Salad 5, Mixed Greens 4
Smashed Purple Potatoes 5, Haricots Verts 5
Add Beer & Cheese Fondue 1

Executive Chef: Bryan Burger

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